uMotif has entered a collaboration with ClinOne to combine electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) / patient reported outcomes (ePRO) and electronic informed consent (eConsent) technology to boost the participant experience and endpoint data quality in global clinical trials.

Through the alliance, the companies will offer the international life sciences industry a single, integrated solution supported by an intuitive user experience that delivers superior eCOA and eConsent technology.

Extensibility and intuitive user experiences are the core of the platforms developed by the companies. 

They can enable complete decentralised clinical trials (DCT), standard site-based trials and hybrid designs of any scale or treatment area complexity when used together.

The integrated offering is said to be affordable, quick to install and simple for use by subjects on their own familiar mobile devices.

eCOA / ePRO and engagement platform of uMotif boosts subject experience while enhancing dependability of patient-reported and site-based endpoint data utilised for approval decisions on new therapies.

uMotif CEO Steve Rosenberg said: “It is encouraging and refreshing to see so many sponsors and CROs adopt patient-first technologies like eCOA, ePRO and eConsent, but too often they are frustrated by disjointed solutions that place a high burden on users and limit effectiveness. 

“Together, uMotif and ClinOne are setting out to directly address these pain points with a seamless and comprehensive solution that trial participants actually want to use. 

“In this way, we will add immediate value to increase data quality and reduce risk while improving convenience and comfort for everyone involved with the trial.”

eConsent on the adaptive experience platform of ClinOne lowers the likelihood of consent-linked errors and allows better informed participation decisions. 

Together they offer a smooth participant experience across a wide range of therapeutic areas and trial designs.