Veeva Systems has launched its new ePRO application for patient-centric digital clinical trials to provide quicker access to patient data. 

Veeva ePRO enables patients to rapidly complete evaluations on a web browser or mobile device and facilitates access to real-time data for clinical research sites and sponsors.

Study teams can utilise the application to exchange high-quality data within the clinical ecosystem as part of a connected platform for trials to enhance partnership and transparency.

The time needed to take part in a trial, frequent data queries, and time spent entering data comprise the key challenges in patient retention for research sites.

By offering the latest, user-friendly application for completing Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO), ePRO could boost the experience of the patients. 

The application also aids in simplifying trial processes for sponsors and research sites. 

Leveraging survey and instrument libraries, sponsors can design studies and push ePRO and arrange definitions for trial sites. 

Subsequently, the research sites can quickly allocate activities, obtain updates automatically and monitor the progress of patients without requiring other applications or systems.

Veeva MyVeeva for Patients strategy vice-president Tim Davis said: “Veeva ePRO is built to meet the needs of patients, sites, and sponsors, and is connected for end-to-end execution. 

“We are committed to partnering with customers to deliver modern digital applications that help the life sciences industry advance to patient-centric digital trials.”

The ePRO application is a component of Veeva Vault Clinical Suite, a cloud platform that merges clinical data management and operations. 

In April this year, Bristol Myers Squibb implemented Veeva Systems’ trial management and monitoring software for global clinical study processes.