Veradigm and PRA Health Sciences have partnered to establish an electronic healthcare record (EHR)-based clinical research network in the US.

The new network will reach around 25,000 physicians and 40 million patients across the country.

It leverages Veradigm’s StudySource platform, which boosts current EHR systems to comprise clinical research, along with PRA’s eSource technology and clinical research capabilities.

Physicians can use the network to provide clinical research as a care option (CRACCO) to their patients. This approach could improve clinical trials’ process efficacies, accessibility and diversity.

Veradigm Life Sciences Research business vice-president and general manager Stephanie Reisinger said: “Under this agreement, the Veradigm and PRA-led network aims to transform the clinical research processes by extending EHR workflows to include clinical research as well as fully leveraging the rich data from digital healthcare delivery.

“The scale of Veradigm’s EHR footprint with PRA’s eSource technology and deep trial expertise will enable us to literally bring studies to where the patients are.”

Data management and tracking are considered long and expensive steps of a trial but most of this information is already available in EHR systems, Veradigm noted.

PRA Health’s eSource technology can automatically transfer data from Veradigm’s EHRs to an electronic data capture system, in turn expediting drug development via reduced time and effort in this step.

The automated process could also decrease transcription errors and enhance data quality while mitigating the expensive verification of source data.

PRA Health Sciences executive vice-president and chief scientific officer Kent Thoelke said: “We are evolving and modernising the drug development paradigm by integrating it with everyday healthcare delivery.”

In February this year, Irish company ICON entered an agreement to acquire PRA Health Sciences in a cash and stock deal valued at about $12bn.