Vial has unveiled the VialConnect interface with ModMed to boost patient recruitment into clinical trials.

Research clinics that utilise the EHR EMA of ModMed could easily filter their patient databases using VialConnect to simplify trial recruitment for no cost.

All clinics conducting clinical trials using VialConnect have access to the ModMed interface. 

The interface also offers a tailorable clinical trials management system (CTMS) that drives key workflows and an EMR filtering tool to classify potential trial participants from the patient database of a clinic. 

EDC, eTMF and eSource are various tech-facilitated solutions that Vial provides along with VialConnect.

EMR filtering expertise of VialConnect permits complicated querying within a user-friendly user interface (UI). 

Based on various criteria including demographics, indication, allergies and existing treatments, users could filter their database and detect eligible participants and eliminate ineligible people.

The functionality works well for indications with extensive incidence such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne and alopecia areata among others as well as those of reduced occurrence, rare indications such as prurigo nodularis and basal cell carcinoma.

A next-generation contract research organisation (CRO), Vial aids in quick execution and quality trial outcomes through its tech-facilitated trial management system, simplified trial commencement processes and established enrolment playbook. 

These services and operational expertise facilitate sponsors in the expedited development of new treatments.

In March this year, Vial launched Vial Ophthalmology network, expanding into ophthalmology.

The company plans to make a network of leading investigators in ophthalmology enabled by its platform with services ranging from subject recruitment to CRC hiring and technology to handle operations.