Vial has added NEXT Oncology, a worldwide Phase I cancer research clinics network, to its Preferred Site Network.

NEXT Oncology is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, US, and has extended locations in the US and Spain.

The Vial Preferred Site Network links specialised sites to sponsors for more efficient trials that aid in rapidly bringing new treatments into the market. The Vial CRO manages these trials.

The network investigators are selected through a thorough procedure, guaranteeing that each site is prepared for the smooth conduct of trials with technology-facilitated methods, from site startup to database lock. 

Investigators that become part of the Preferred Site Network of Vial attain exclusive access to trials, as well the chance to enhance their research business.

Vial will utilise a new, Cloud-based software platform, proXimity, for automating the transmission of trial data from their electronic medical records (EMR) to the electronic data capture (EDC) systems of the sponsors. 

Automating this method will expedite the performance of the trials, getting new treatments for cancer patients into the market faster.

NEXT Oncology co-founder Dr Anthony Tolcher said: “My mission and the mission of the company has always been to support and accelerate innovation in oncology in order to improve patient outcomes. 

“By investing in technologies that can accelerate innovation, we are able to contribute to this mission. 

“The approach and the technologies Vial is driving forward are exciting and could meaningfully contribute to making trials more efficient.”