Applied artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare company has announced new algorithms and expanded features for its clinical trial platform, Viz RECRUIT.

By employing AI, Viz RECRUIT will be able to automatically identify potential patients for clinical trials. It is currently being used in the multi-centre AI ENRICH study to accelerate enrolment and increase the randomisation of subjects.

The prospective feasibility AI ENRICH trial will evaluate the performance of the Viz RECRUIT software and will enrol subjects evaluated at each centre for suspected stroke through CT imaging.

Viz RECRUIT offers new algorithms for Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH) detection, Aneurysm Detection and Ischemic Core Volumes. CEO Chris Mansi said: “We are delighted to work with some of the world’s top investigators to help them in their patient recruitment and support health care industry sponsors in clinical trial management.

“We aim to accelerate the cutting-edge research our partners are doing.”

The expanded functionalities of the platform include patient qualification, image sharing, real-time collaboration, trial analytics, and disease location identification and quantification.

Mount Sinai Health System Intracerebral Hemorrhage Program assistant professor and director Dr Chris Kellner said: “ continues to support the research community by bringing cutting edge technology into healthcare.

“The addition of new algorithms and trial workflow capabilities to its groundbreaking Viz RECRUIT platform has the potential to revolutionise how we run clinical trials. Viz RECRUIT allows research teams to identify more patients and see what is going on in our trials in real-time.”

Viz LVO, a flagship product of, communicates time-sensitive information about suspected stroke patients straight to a specialist by leveraging advanced deep learning.