Walgreens has introduced its clinical trial business to reshape the patient experience and boost access and retention in drug development research led by sponsors.

The flexible clinical trial model of the company merges its broad base of patient insights, partner-facilitated health and technology expertise and in-person and virtual care options to eliminate barriers to involving wider and diverse communities.

The launch of the clinical trial offerings aligns with measures adopted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently to boost racial and ethnic diversity in clinical trials.

Walgreens is quickly scaling three portfolio-integrated, patient-centric service lines to address various challenges and boost the overall clinical trial experience.

The company can match diverse populations of patients to trials across various disease areas based on ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status and region by utilising its patient reach and access to a vast foundation of pharmacy and patient-authorised clinical data.

Furthermore, Walgreens can lower the time needed to match eligible patients to trials by using a tech-facilitated approach to detect patients and make a registry of clinical trial subjects.

The company will address barriers to trial access using a decentralised clinical trial platform based on robust compliance and regulatory framework to guarantee the privacy and security of patients.

This new operating model will expedite patient searches, streamline workflow and support a rapid and widely representative gathering of trial data.

Using its strong base of real-world insights, Walgreens can support the drug development approaches of sponsors, inform trial designs, enhance the execution of trials and increase diversity.

Walgreens chief clinical trials officer Ramita Tandon said: “Through the launch of our clinical trials services, we can provide another offering for patients with complex or chronic conditions in their care journey, while helping sponsors advance treatment options for the diverse communities we serve.”