WIRB-Copernicus Group’s (WCG) clinical services division has introduced its data-driven benchmarking solution to medical device companies.

The benchmarking solution helps medical device companies to speed up study start-up in clinical trials and enjoy cost savings and performance improvements just as those of biopharmaceutical companies.

The solution has already helped more than 27 biopharmaceutical companies to reduce operational cycle-times to 20%, while decreasing study costs by 15%. It also improved the ranking of the companies against their competitors by 30%.

WCG executive chairman and CEO said Donald A Deieso: “KMR Group, a member of the WCG family, specialises in helping research sponsors to evaluate their own R&D and clinical performance as compared to peers and competitors. Using valuable benchmarking data and performance-related metrics, KMR helps sponsors to set realistic goals, measure their attainment, and drive a cycle of continuous process improvement.”

KMR Group founder and president Linda Martin said: “We are thrilled to now offer our Site Contracts Program to medical device companies.

“This programme will give device companies a rock-solid foundation of proprietary, independently verified data on which to build their study plans and implement performance improvements, as well as unique evidence-based insights to guide their decision-making.

KMR’s Site Contracts Program, which uses a comprehensive and granular framework, offers sponsors the necessary insights to identify issues and take necessary action plan.

The programme gives detailed performance reports of all stages of research, all countries, all diseases, and all management types, in addition to a qualitative survey that helps to bridge performance details and operational factors such as payments and use of master agreements.

Martin added: “KMR Group’s Site Contracts Program has succeeded in helping biopharma sponsors to assess and focus performance improvement initiatives, so much so that we have become a trusted data source and an essential part of their trial planning process.”

Based in the US, WCG is a provider of regulatory and ethical review services for human research, while KMR Group, a member of WCG family, is a developer of on-line analytics tools that enable access to proprietary and huge datasets.