Worldwide Clinical Trials, a contract research organisation (CRO), has partnered with AI-driven digital pathology company Deep Lens to fast-track recruitment in clinical trials for cancer.

The alliance will combine Worldwide’s expertise in clinical cancer research and global clinical trial operations with the Deep Lens VIPER digital pathology platform.

This combination is expected to provide sponsors, researchers and care teams with a new ecosystem to boost cancer diagnoses and allow clear treatment and trial options earlier in the process.

Statistics show that more than 14,000 oncology trials are actively enrolling patients. However, the participation rate is estimated to be just 3% of potential trial candidates.

To address this, Worldwide and Deep Lens intend to develop a pilot study using new clinical trial designs and operational insights with the VIPER platform.

The partners hope to improve trial recruitment via real-time diagnosis and alerting, as well as bolster collaboration between research teams, care teams and patients.

Deep Lens co-founder and CEO Dave Billiter said: “Cancer research is advancing at an incredible pace. We need to up our game as pathologists and CROs to deliver increased precision, speed and communication to find patients with particular disease subtypes or biomarkers.

“With the global reach and scientific and operations expertise of Worldwide, we believe we can streamline clinical trial recruitment. And, just as importantly, oncologists can inform patients and their caregivers about clinical research options from day one.”

In addition to accelerating trial recruitment, the partners aim to advance clinical research as a care option (CRAACO) and develop networks of precision diagnosis and clinical research options.

Worldwide and Deep Lens also plan to offer new platform that can process diagnosis and tumour response quickly in real time for basket and umbrella study designs.