Worldwide Clinical Trials has implemented Foundry Health’s ClinSpark eSource Platform to automate Phase I first-in-human clinical trials for clinical development.

Phase I trials often face challenges relating to study site, data collection and transcription processes.

ClinSpark is designed to automate the complete study process, including recruitment, data collection and export.

The web-based electronic data capture platform also offers barcode support, countdown timers and integration with a medical device.

Foundry Health CEO Brock Heinz said: “It is fantastic to see ClinSpark supporting the whole workflow in such a large Phase I unit like Worldwide, where multiple studies are running concurrently.”

The platform will be leveraged by Worldwide to speed-up the study duration. It can be used for real-time electronic data and remote data tracking, as well as statistical analysis in real-time to decrease documentation errors.

Worldwide expects that ClinSpark will help simplify trials for sponsors, regulators, and patients.

Worldwide Clinical Trials vice-president and medical and clinical lab director George Atiee said: “Worldwide is making a visible difference by transforming clinical trials to be more rewarding for patients and sponsors by replacing manual processes with innovative technologies that result in richer, more accurate data.

“ClinSpark gives me instant access to the critical information required to monitor the progress of our trials anywhere I can access the internet. We are improving logistics, patient communications and data reporting, all of which are critical factors in keeping trials running smoothly and efficiently.”

The company has so far concluded more than 40 trials on the ClinSpark platform.