XBiotech has enrolled the first patient in a Phase I trial of Hutrukin, which is being developed as a treatment for reducing brain injury following ischemic stroke.

Designed to assess the safety and pharmacokinetics of Hutrukin, the open-label, randomised, placebo-controlled dose escalation trial will evaluate three dose levels of the therapy.

The study will also measure the corresponding Hutrukin blood levels with increasing doses.

Presently there is no drug designed in the market which is effective in reducing occurrence of reperfusion.

Hutrukin therapy is known to reduce inflammatory injury associated with reperfusion, an advancement in the management of stroke patients.

A massive inflammatory response caused by blood cells results in reperfusion injury where the brain lacks blood supply and oxygen. It is said to be reduced when Hutrukin therapy is given immediately before the clot-busting procedure.

Clot-busting drugs or mechanical catheters are being used to re-open arteries after a stroke is associated with a reperfusion injury.

More than ten million ischemic strokes occur every year causing death and morbidity all over the world.

Blockage of blood flow to the brain leads to an ischemic stroke resulting in brain injury, loss of brain function or death.

XBiotech will use the findings of Hutrukin Phase I study to design dosages and safety measures for further phases.