Choose from seven EDC systems to design and build your clinical trial. Formedix integrates with the leading ones, including Rave and InForm.

Formedix shows your study CRF designs as you design them. Just click a button and our eCRF tool does the rest. That way you can make any changes before building your study. Then export your designs into any of these systems to build your EDC study.

You can import an entire study or library from Rave or InForm into Formedix. We integrate 100% with these EDCs, so it is just one click to import your data. Use Formedix to make changes and preview your designs. Then, when you are ready, export your design back into your EDC. Imagine how much time you will save.

If you are a CRO, you only need to learn one system with Formedix. You can design and build eCRFs in any of the leading EDCs, right from our platform.

Preview Study CRF Designs in your EDC

CRFs are used to collect data from patients during clinical trials. CRF design has a direct impact on the success of clinical trial data as it helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the medical product being trialled.

Well-designed CRFs assist with data analysis and reporting, data management, and streamlined audits. They ensure that all required data is collected, which minimises data queries.

A key feature is the ability to see exactly how your forms will look in your chosen EDC system – precisely at design time. So you can make any necessary changes as you go. You know exactly what you are going to get. And, you can rest assured that importing your EDC build will be straightforward. With Formedix, you are in control.

EDC Build made easy

You can quickly and easily import metadata content into your study from other standards or studies. And save time by reusing your standardised metadata assets such as your forms, annotations, edit checks, and terminologies.

You can easily and quickly move content from one location to another, and you can decide what granularity of content to import. There is no limit to the number of libraries you can import from. As a result, your metadata content is consistent and correct and you are less likely to gather the wrong data.

You can carry out CDISC validation checks and have complete confidence that when you import your study into your chosen EDC, it will be seamless.

Not only can you validate against the CDISC ODM standard, but you can also validate your EDC build, against the rules for your EDC system. You can run a report which you can save or print out, or simply run our validation tool which displays the error, warning and information messages. This means you can quickly and easily fix any problems as you know exactly where to look in your study.