Not a lot of companies have extended sustainability practices to the supply chain, choosing instead to focus on lower-hanging fruit like fuel economy, renewable energy investments, and conservation.

Reverse logistics is a ripe opportunity to invest in higher-quality, more rugged devices that are reusable, minimizing negative impacts associated with manufacturing and disposal of tracking devices.

The first reverse logistics collection and shipment container, built with the power of SENTRY FlightSafe, delivers a host of benefits.

  • Environmental – Conserve resources by reusing devices and prevent batteries and circuit boards ending up in landfills.
  • Social – Demonstrate respect for the environment to employees, board members, and customers.
  • Governance – Helping companies implement sustainability strategies across their supply chain, strengthen relations with external stakeholders, and ensure overall accountability.
  • Inventory Management – See device inventory that is languishing at a customer’s facility.
  • Remote Management – Consignee collects and returns devices with ease to prevent loss.