Sentinel 100 tags offer cost-effective piece-level tracking with long battery life and are based on low-cost and globally-standardised Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Sentinel 100 tags are available in multiple configurations with full SENTRY 500® compatibility. They are automatically read by any SENTRY 500 in their vicinity.  They automatically become sensor “children” to any SENTRY 500 “parent” within their transmission radius. The SENTRY 500 then sends the data of all nearby Sentinels to our server so it can be accessed via our Enterprise API, apps and any variety of customer applications.

Compact, rugged and flexible, each Sentinel Tag includes a full suite of sensors that cover temperature, humidity, light, shock and motion.

The Sentinel 100 Sensor Tag acts as a wireless sensor for a SENTRY 500 device to enable the collection of sensor data from multiple areas within or around your shipment.  Sentinel 100 tags are a good solution for piece-level monitoring where a single SENTRY can manage tens or hundreds of Sentinels to assure all pieces travel together in a fully secured and identified manner.  ​

The Sentinel 100L Logger Tag acts as a wireless sensor data logger and identification device.  The 100L can independently log any of its sensor data and automatically offload the logs as soon as a SENTRY 500 or mobile device is within range, with no manual processes required.  It is able to store over 16,000 data points in internal memory and has multi-year battery life. The logger is powerful enough to reuse but cost-effective enough to use only once.​

The Sentinel 100A Anchor Tag acts as a location identifier, asset identifier, and an ambient condition monitor all in one. We can program the 100A to define a physical space or asset (like a dock door, storage room, trailer, container, rack, etc.) to provide micro-location and ambient sensor data to any other SENTRY or Sentinel tags in its vicinity. You can also use the anchor for indoor locations.

OnAsset’s Sentinel products are fully compatible with our SENTRY 500.  They can also be read by any BLE-compatible mobile device. We can also customise Sentinel products to accommodate unique packaging and functional requirements.