Versagel is suitable for vegetarian diets.

Versagels™ are free from animal derivatives, which means that they are suitable for vegetarian diets, as well as certain religious and cultural diets.

Its polysaccharide-based soft-shell form contains carrageenan, modified starch, plasticizers, and water.

Versagels™ offer opportunities to bring more products to market and is compatible with a broader range of high-pH fill formulations. Its technology may be applied to Softgels, G-Tabs™ and Unigels™.

Benefits of Versages™ are the same as soft gelatin capsules, including single or multiple active ingredients, and the inclusion of multiple ingredients of different consistancies and forms with no chemical incompatability errors.

It is available in the same range of shapes and sizes and is compatible with current types of softgel fill contents. It also has a broader pH range.

Versitality is important and Versages™ is able to provide a variety of solutions, which appeal to a wide range of consumers looking for animal-free alternatives.