Zetasizer AT

The Zetasizer AT combines Malvern’s industry leading Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) technology with two decades of expertise in design and automation of process interfaces for analytical instrumentation.

The Zetasizer AT is a fully-automated nanoparticle characterization system, delivering lab quality results on-line and in a timely manner for process optimization.

  • Ability to monitor processes involving nanoscale particles or droplets in real time e.g. homogenization
  • Ability to track changes in particle size with time and determine when the end point is reached
  • Automated sampling system facilitates sample extraction, degassing and dilution to the required concentration minimizing operator input
  • Sampling system designed to minimize sample consumption
  • Easy transfer of laboratory DLS methods to on-line system
  • Utilizes Malvern’s Universal Interface for system integrators (Malvern Link II)