The COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions have led to an increase in demand for virtual engagement platforms. Patients have increasingly switched to online marketing platforms to remotely engage with physicians to seek medical assistance.

An analysis of data from SimilarWeb shows that Veeva, a company that offers cloud-based business solutions for the life sciences industry, has witnessed a sharp increase in monthly website visits in the last 12 months.

Digital Transformation-Increasing Demand for Remote Marketing Platforms

Increase in virtual engagement with physicians

The company had made its CRM Engage Meeting tool free for its clients until the end of 2020. The tool enables the clients to interact with their physicians through video calls.

Veeva has provided more than 180,000 licences for CRM Engage Meeting since March 2020. More than 64,000 meetings were scheduled between 16 March and 21 March, a surge of more than 275%.

The platform registered an increase of more than 790% in meetings in the US, while in the EU the growth rate was around 575%.

The number of website visits crossed 200,000 in March and grew to nearly 350,000 in August, while subsiding to more than 300,000 in September.

The analysis is based on the data sourced from SimilarWeb.