As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread unabated, a UK-based health innovation start-up Huma (formerly Medopad) has unveiled a COVID-19 version of its remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform.

The CE-registered software, which is undergoing FDA evaluation, is designed for monitoring individuals at risk for coronavirus or patients already diagnosed with the disease. The company is currently working to align the solution to meet the requirements of the crisis.

The COVID-19 version comprises an app and dashboard to enable clinicians to track patient data and symptom progression using smartphones and wearable devices. Huma’s RPM platform tracks the symptoms and triggers alerts in case of deterioration.

Besides helping in tracking the disease progression, the solution provides insights to improve disease response and prevent severity. Furthermore, the modular solution comes with telemedicine functionality and can be integrated with medical devices. The platform is capable of going live in two weeks.

Huma’s RPM seeks to provide patients with access to necessary care outside a traditional setting and allow them to keep a track of their own health condition amid the crisis. It will help in procuring data to improve understanding of the disease and accordingly enhance treatment and prevention measures.

Huma expects to deploy the solution across the globe including the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East as the healthcare system is still struggling to contain the pandemic.

The company is also partnering with international entities such as Johns Hopkins and Chinese tech company Tencent to expedite the validation process for digital biomarkers capable of identifying data points, such as respiratory markers.

The process will help in spotting the patients who are at the highest risk as well as determining the individual risk profiles for COVID-19 based on procured data for cardiorespiratory disease, diabetes, and other immunological conditions, which usually exacerbate the condition.

Besides Huma, several other companies are working on digital biomarker technologies for tracking COVID-19. The companies include Biofourmis, Oura, and Kinsa Health.