Concept: NY-based software company LivePerson has introduced a conversational AI platform to interpret and simplify complex customer inquiries and deliver intent-driven conversational experiences at scale. It integrates customer experience platforms across voice, social, messaging, sentiments, email, and analytics leveraging AI, ML, and conversational cloud.

Nature of Disruption: The platform’s purpose-built natural language understanding (NLU) is developed on data from billions of conversational interactions. Conversational Cloud makes it easier to organize and automate all customer conversations in one location, and to meet customers whenever and wherever they need it. With NLU intent models and automation, the platform can help brands reduce time to market. They can connect, monitor, and set up chatbots and human agents to ensure that their customers connect with the right agent at the right time. Its ‘VoiceBase’ service is based on modern voice recognition technology, AI, and predictive models to help organizations identify sales opportunities, improve customer experience, and evaluate agent efficiency using conversational analytics. The AI-powered dynamic routing and actions capabilities of LivePerson analyze a customer’s purpose and sentiment and use that knowledge to automatically route conversations to the most qualified bot or agent. Dynamic routing can be set up easily, with a no-to-low-code interface that allows users to drag-and-drop bots and policies into conversational flows. Conversational AI can also learn and develop on its own, applying self-healing approaches to better comprehend customers, reset interactions to a known state, and assign to other skilled bots and humans, based on real-time signals such as intents, conversation quality, and sentiment scores.

Outlook: Now that smart messaging bots are becoming more widely employed, they need to lighten and become more human-like. LivePerson aims to support its clients in providing their customers with ‘curiously human’ digital experiences. When consumers are looking for products, these bots can understand, connect, and produce relevant results. It claims that these new bots are better at understanding what the customer wants and can determine when to pass the interaction on to another bot or a person if necessary. As a result, brands can establish better relationships with their customers while also achieving better results, lowering costs, and increasing loyalty. Dunkin’ Donuts, Citibank, HSBC, Vodafone, Delta Airlines, David’s Bridal, and The Home Depot are among LivePerson’s 18,000+ customers.

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