Most of the pharmaceutical companies do not plan to change their manufacturing network despite the possibility that COVID-19 pandemic may disrupt supply channels.

GlobalData has conducted a survey to assess how the finished dose product supply network and small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) supply strategies of pharmaceutical companies will evolve over the next 12 months.

An analysis of the survey results shows that a majority 68% of the companies expect no changes to the finished dose manufacturing sites, while 57% expect no changes in the small molecule API manufacturing site network.

Supply chain planning small molecule API vs Finished dose

Approximately 25% of the companies opined that they will need small molecule API manufacturing sites in more countries, while 7% seek to trim their manufacturing sites to fewer countries.

Further, 17% of the companies opined that they need to expand their finished dose manufacturing network to more countries, while 15% opined that they need production sites at fewer countries than that they have today.

The analysis is based on responses received from the Pharmaceutical Trade and Supply Chain Survey conducted between 07 July and 30 July 2020.