Concept: New Jersey’s consumer services company Viking Pest Control has launched an environmentally-friendly rodent control system named SMART City that combats rodents including mice and rats. It includes wirelessly linked devices that monitor, track, and eliminate pests while providing constant and detailed analytics. This enables the system to monitor both above and below ground rodent populations.

Nature of Disruption: The SMART City rodent control system develops detailed site evaluations of target areas to identify appropriate deployment throughout the city including in sewer systems. The system offers various devices for installation in different rodent hotspots to detect and eliminate rodents. It provides devices for use in sewers, pipes, narrow spaces, and various commercial settings. The devices leverage SMART sensor technology for controlling rodent infestation. The sensors used in the devices use Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor technology to detect activity for monitoring or eliminating, to check if the temperature of the object in front of it is different than its environment, and to check if the object underscan is moving. The device further consists of a temperature sensor to detect if the environment is too hot or cold. It consists of a power sensor to monitor the battery status of the device. It also includes a water sensor for monitoring if the device is flooded. Viking Pest Control claims that its system is effective in various commercial environments including business offices, schools, restaurants, health care, hotels and motels, audited facilities, housing developments, and retail stores. The SMART system can also predict infestations based on-trend curves from the devices, allowing infestations to be prevented before they start.

Outlook: An infestation of rodents including rats and mice can create a dangerous situation for various commercial establishments as contact with the pests, their droppings, or urine can create health hazards. Also, rats and mice can cause severe damage to home and business structures and HVAC equipment. They can create a fire hazard as they chew on the wiring in office buildings. Viking Pest Control claims that its SMART City rodent control system can predict and prevent rodent infestations in various commercial settings. The company claims that the system is environmentally friendly and provides round-the-clock rodent monitoring activity.

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