23 April

The global jobs market has continued its downward turn six weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic.

Latest figures from GlobalData showed travel and tourism remains by far the hardest-hit sector.

The number of jobs available for application in travel in tourism dipped by a further 2.0 percentage points in the last week compared to a baseline of March 1. The cumulative drop since March 1 is now a catastrophic 67.5 per cent.

The medical industry – not including pharmaceuticals, which are counted separately – the automotive industry, insurance, banking and mining all saw further drops in the number of jobs available.

Jobs available in pharma dipped by 7.3 points week-on-week but the sector remains the only one to see a global surge in jobs compared to the March 1 baseline.
Active jobs in pharma are up by a 44.6 per cent since then.

Tracking the economic sectors hit hardest by the Covid-19 outbreak

Covid-19 has had a major, ongoing economic impact across the globe; but that impact is not uniform across different industries. While some economic sectors have seen business rapidly decline, others have – to date – been more stable. Some have even seen an increase in demand.

This chart aims to give a broad overview of which sectors are suffering the most since the WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic.

It uses exclusive dynamic intelligence provided by GlobalData to track the number of jobs open for applications, across the world, across 19 economic sectors.

The summary chart shows the six which have seen the biggest percentage drop in these “active” jobs.

Economic sector impact chart