23 April

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19)’s regional spread has kept constant at 187 countries for more than a week.

There are only eight countries in the world that have not reported cases of Covid-19.

The total number of confirmed cases is now at approximately 2.6 million. The US is the most-heavily affected country in the world with 825,000 confirmed cases, followed by Spain and Italy.

Most of the deaths are also reported in Europe and the US representing approximately 80% of total deaths from Covid-19 worldwide.

As European countries have seen cases plateau in recent days, they are taking cautious steps to ease lock-down.

The Asian countries such as Korea and Singapore are riding out the crisis better than Europe and the US.

However, Singapore and China have reported pockets of new outbreaks, which suggest that countries still need to be vigilant regarding the surge of new cases.

Bishal Bhandari, PhD, Epidemiology, GlobalData