30 April

To date, 187 countries have been affected by the spread of Covid-19 and the number of new countries have not changed in the last two weeks.

Globally, over 3 million confirmed cases have been reported. The US is leading in number of confirmed cases at over 1 million, contributing to approximately 32% of total cases reported globally.

Spain follows the US with approximately 232,128 cases (around 7% of total confirmed cases reported globally).

Italy comes third reporting 201,505 confirmed cases, approximately 6% of global cases.

The five countries with the most reported cases of Covid-19 are the US, Spain, Italy, France and the UK, and together make up approximately 57% of Covid-19 cases reported globally.

In the Middle-East, Turkey has reported the highest number of confirmed cases at 114,653 while Russia leads the count in Asia with 99,399 cases reported.

In South America, Brazil and Peru have reported the most cases at 73,235 cases and 31,190 cases, respectively.

Ana Fernandez-Menjivar, MSc, Senior Epidemiologist, GlobalData