1 May

The number of countries reporting cases of Covid-19 has increased from 187 to 188.

To date there have been 228,229 reported deaths due to coronavirus. The number of total recovered cases is now 986,062, globally.

Spain has reported the highest number of recovered cases with a total of 132,929 cases. The US follows Spain with 124,023 recovered cases reported.

The top five countries with most recovered cases are Spain, the US, Germany, Mainland China, and Iran.

The number of active cases reported globally is nearly 2 million. The US has reported 855,466 active cases making up 43% of all reported active cases, globally.

In Europe, the UK has reported the highest number of active cases at 139,418 cases, approximately 7% of the global total.

Russia has the highest number of active cases in Asia (93,806 cases, approximately 5% of the global total).

In South America, Brazil leads the count of active cases with 40,040 cases reported representing 2% of the global total of active cases.

Ana Fernandez-Menjivar, Msc, Senior Epidemiologist, GlobalData