Creating pharmaceutical social campaigns that resonate and engage the relevant audience is no mean feat. Not only is the pharma industry one of the most highly regulated sectors, it’s also one of the least well-regarded (Gallup Poll, 2019), a combination that leaves even the hardiest of marketers on the back foot.

The good news? Better pharma social content is well within reach. Yes, you need to hire talented, emotionally intelligent writers who can communicate your company tone. Yes, you need a social media team with experience and the right martech. And the rules need to be followed strictly regarding regulations, as any penalties can be steep. But painless, cost-effective, and engaging social can be achieved by any pharma company with the right measures and mindset in place.

What’s more, social has long been seen as an opportunity to advance marketing goals in pharma. And for marketers looking for a captive audience, there has never been a better way to engage. In fact, 62% of U.S. healthcare marketers named social media as the channel with the most opportunity (2021 MM+M/HealthLink Dimensions Healthcare Marketers Survey).

A closer examination of audience groups found that 72% of physicians are active on Facebook every week, while 38% are active on Instagram and LinkedIn (MedData Group). In another significant step for pharma marketing, late 2020 saw eight new major pharma companies placing branded and unbranded ads across Facebook and Instagram (Fierce Pharma). What these figures highlight is that there is no need to defend the use of social within pharma anymore, and there’s no excuse to justify ignoring it in your marketing strategy either.

This paper examines nine key trends for 2022 that will be driving successful marketing campaigns for the pharma industry, highlighting everything from regulation resources and social platforms, to hashtags, social listening, and video. You’ll also find some real-world examples from pharma firms that are getting their social strategy right and just how they’re doing it.

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