14 September

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 29,032,000 with over 924,000 deaths and 19,625,000 recoveries.

Worldwide the Covid-19 cases and recoveries and trending upwards while deaths remain low.

While the United states still has the highest number of cases, they have been trending downwards since July.

Cases in India are steadily rising most likely due to the dramatic increase in testing.

India’s massive population means many more will be tested in order to have a comparative rate of tests per thousand people as the western countries.

This means we expect to see many more cases from India in the coming weeks.

The United Arab Emirates has seen a continuous rise in cases since August but with a steady decline in the positive test rate since its peak in June.

This rise is most likely due to increased testing with the UAE having the highest rate of testing per thousand people worldwide.

Nneoma Okeke, MD, Epidemiologist at GlobalData