Canada-based biopharmaceutical company Cangene is planning to use new technology developed at The University of British Columbia (UBC) to advance Alzheimer’s disease research.

Cangene obtained the commercial rights to the new technology platform and plans to use it to develop Alzheimer’s disease therapies.

"The new technology will be used to progress the immune therapeutic treatment approach to Alzheimer’s disease."

Cangene chief scientific officer Dr Laura Saward said; "While this work is in its early stages, it is showing promise for the development of a novel immunotherapy to address this devastating disease and fits Cangene’s refocused strategy."

The new technology will be used by the company to progress the immune therapeutic treatment approach to Alzheimer’s disease.

This approach involves targeting the toxic form of Amyloid-beta, potentially blocking the disease’s mechanism of action.

UBC University-Industry Liaison Office associate director Dr JP Heale said; "The partnerships developed to advance Dr Cashman’s outstanding research are an excellent example of how Canadian universities, funding agencies and industry partners can work together to tackle a devastating disease of national and global importance."

The Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) is sponsoring the Alzheimer’s disease programme and supported the research collaboration between UBC and Cangene.