Indian pharmaceutical business reengineering solutions provider, Goose, has introduced an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manager solution that allows pharmaceutical companies to manage complex projects and improve project delivery, quality and yield.

Goose API manager is an essential part of any Quality by Design initiatives, as it provides the necessary automation, integration and database reporting functionality that ensures all multi-variety data are tracked and measured.

The API manager helps in the sequencing and synchronisation of multiple project management activities, including project initiation, feasibility, optimisation, validation and Drug Master filing (DMF) process, and their integration.

"The API manager helps in the sequencing and synchronisation of multiple project management activities."

The API solution meets cGMP guidelines and enables pharmaceutical companies to connect project management practices to maximise business value and to communicate project objectives internally or with third party partners that include systematic treatment of data, as well as to provide technology transfer into the first site of commercial API manufacture.

Goose founder and CEO Deb Pattnaik said: "In an environment of extreme cost containment, a well-integrated project management solution contributes significantly to pharmaceutical businesses that require product quality enhancements and compliance with strict regulations, as well as improved efficiencies that can lead to reduced costs."

"The Goose API manager is designed for better control and efficiency, ensuring successful completion of projects on time, thereby saving both time and money for pharmaceutical companies," Pattnaik added.

API forms the essential part of every formulated end product and is an important part of the whole pharmaceutical industry, according to a report from