The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued three additional notices of allowance to W. R. Grace & Co. for its Reveleris flash chromatography system for rationalised purification of new chemical/biological entities for drug discovery.

The notices of allowance illustrate monitoring the split flow with the help of chromaphoric solvents in addition to collecting wavelength-based fractions during flash chromatography.

Discovery Sciences, a product line of Grace Materials Technologies, vice-president and general manager Laurie Andriate said the additional US Patent allowances further confirm the company’s direction in flash chromatography technology.

"Our cutting-edge technology has advanced the capabilities of flash chromatography, resulting in cost savings and productivity enhancements for our customers," Andriate said.

The techniques covered in the notices will make the purification system more efficient by escalating recovery, strengthening reliability and simplifying instrument operation, according to the company.

Grace earlier received a patent for the use of a key part of the Reveleris flash chromatography system, evaporative light scattering detection (ELSD).

Flash chromatography is a technique used to separate mixtures of molecules into their individual constituents, frequently used in the drug discovery process.

Grace’s Reveleris system was designed to help synthetic and medicinal chemists modernise purifications of mixtures during the design and synthesis of new chemical entities.