Nymox Pharmaceutical has announced positive results from combined statistical analysis of long term follow-up studies of a single injection of NX-1207 2.5mg for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

The study analysis observed that a statistically significant greater number of men who had received NX-1207 2.5mg reported positive treatment outcomes with no side effects observed as compared to men who had received a placebo.

The latest available blinded follow-up study data (an average of 57 months post-injection) from the completed trials for the treatment groups were involved in the study.

If the patient was not using other BPH medications and no surgical treatment (including MIST) for BPH was reported at any time during the post-injection follow-up period, a positive treatment outcome was observed.

Previous follow-up studies have shown long-term benefit from a single NX-1207 treatment in excess of five years in some cases.

NX-1207 was found to improve the signs and symptoms of BPH, producing improvements which reached statistical significance compared to double-blinded placebo and study controls in previous studies.

A single administration of NX-1207 2.5mg has produced on average improvements in the standardised BPH symptom score (8-10 points at 90 days) that were approximately double that reported for currently approved BPH drugs (3-5 points), according to Nymox.

BPH can seriously impact the health and quality of life of older men and can lead to acute urinary retention, incontinence, and other serious consequences.