Quantum Genomics (QGC) has begun the Phase I clinical study of its drug candidate QGC001 in healthy volunteers following approval from the French Agency for Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS).

QGC001 is the first of a new class of drugs that is able to monitor high blood pressure by inhibiting the aminopeptidase A enzyme (APA) at brain level.

The First-in-Human clinical trial is a single ascending oral dose double-blind and placebo-controlled Phase I study intended to evaluate the overall safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of QGC001 for treating hypertensive patients, particularly those with Low Renin High Vasopressin profile (LRHV).

The study conducted in partnership with the Center for Clinical Investigation 9201/APHP-INSERM is financially supported by the French National Agency for Research (ANR BiotecS).

Quantum Genomics CEO Lionel Segard said the first study in human demonstrates the company’s ability to develop an innovative compound originated from academic research.

“QGC001 is the first representative of a new class of antihypertensive drugs that may improve the control of blood pressure in many patients with no current appropriate drug treatment and reduce their concomitant risks of cardiovascular diseases,” Segard added.

Dr. Catherine Llorens-Cortes from INSERM U1050/Collège of France said QGC001 has demonstrated its efficacy after oral administration in several experimental models of hypertension.

“Its mechanism of action allows it to act simultaneously on the vessels, the heart, the elimination of water and salt in the urine,” Llorens-Cortes added.

“QGC001 might thus be useful for all patients suffering from hypertension, particularly those with a low renin profile whose high blood pressure is often more difficult to control with conventional blockers of the renin angiotensin system.”

QGC is a biopharmaceutical company that develops new therapies for cardiovascular diseases and especially on arterial hypertension.