Germany-based biotech company, Scil Proteins, has entered into a joint collaboration agreement with Japan’s Ono Pharmaceutical for the discovery and development of new Affilin therapeutics to treat various diseases.

Under the partnership, Scil Proteins will select and characterise Affilin candidates from the company’s libraries for further development and commercialisation by Ono.

In addition to research funding, Scil Proteins will receive royalties and milestone payments for research, development and commercialisation.

Through the collaboration, both companies expect to fully utilise the therapeutic potential of Affilin molecules, which are highly stable ubiquitin-based proteins that bind targets with high affinity, high specificity and low immunogenicity.

"Scil Proteins will receive royalties and milestone payments for research, development and commercialisation."

Scil Proteins chief business officer Henning Afflerbach said the collaboration with Ono will further affirm the technical and scientific concepts behind the Affilin platform.

"We are pleased to have successfully implemented our fully integrated offering of providing proprietary, fully patent-protected compounds in combination with production process development and GMP manufacturing into a cutting-edge collaborative research with a leading pharmaceutical company," Afflerbach added.

Kazuhito Kawabata, Ono discovery and research executive officer and executive director and board of directors member, said: "We strongly believe that Scil Proteins is the partner of choice to identify proteins binding the target molecule(s) we chose. We are pleased to be working together and look forward to creating innovative drugs for unmet medical needs."

Scil Proteins is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and manufacture of protein therapeutics and diagnostics.

Ono Pharmaceutical is an R&D-oriented pharmaceutical company specialised in creating new medicines for the treatment of various indications with unmet medical need at the frontline of healthcare.

Ono’s drug discovery efforts focus on the therapeutic application of bioactive lipids and enzyme inhibitors in the areas of inflammation, autoimmune disease, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and CNS disorders.