Tiltan Pharma has initiated patient enrolment in a Phase II trial of its anti-angiogenic product, TL-118, for the treatment of metastatic pancreatic cancer in US.

The first US patient was enrolled at White Plains Hospital in Westchester County, New York, US.

The study has already commenced at four major oncology centres in Israel.

Westchester Institute for Treatment of Cancer and Blood Disorders director, White Plains Hospital Cancer Program co-medical director and study principal investigator Dr Dan Costin said metastatic pancreatic cancer is a disease with very poor prognosis.

"TL-118, which belongs to the family of angiogenesis inhibiting drugs demonstrated outstanding efficacy in pre-clinical studies, a promise we hope will be translated into significant clinical benefit to people suffering from pancreatic cancer," Costin said.

Two-group trial is expected to enrol 80 newly diagnosed metastatic pancreatic cancer patients, 40 in each group, who were not treated with chemotherapy.

Control group patients receive standard chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, while the treatment group receives TL-118 as well as standard-of-care chemotherapy.

In pre-clinical studies TL-118 monotherapy demonstrated tumor growth inhibition while TL-118 combination therapy eliminated the tumors in all treated animals.

Tiltan chief operating officer Dr Dan Goldstaub said; "In Israel 15 patients were already enrolled, and we are certain that the new US site will expedite the clinical trial."