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How automating clinical trial payments can unlock end-to-end efficiencies

Automating clinical trial payment management offers sponsors greater speed, accuracy, and transparency, enabling trials to run more smoothly than ever before

Asia Pacific dominates Phase I clinical trials: a trend analysis

Asia Pacific (APAC) is the fastest growing region for Phase I clinical trials. A new report from GlobalData and Novotech reveals global trends in early-stage clinical research and what makes APAC a competitive and desirable site.

Using analytics and bioassays to de-risk your mRNA LNP drug development programme

The launch of the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines changed therapeutics overnight, but the technologies and processes involved in mRNA-based applications are still emerging. With no free-to-use template to scale sequences quickly, having a deep understanding of LNP analytics and bioassays becomes crucial to accelerate commercialisation.

Growth opportunities: The clinical trials landscape of Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific emerges as one of the most promising and resilient markets for clinical trials.

New territories: Challenges and benefits for western biotechs in China

According to a new report by GlobalData in partnership with leading biotech contract research organisation (CRO) Novotech, the current state of play in China’s pharmaceutical market is offering unique advantages for western biopharma companies looking to expand.