Stop the Drop ‒ Reducing patient drop-out rates

5thPort is a new Cloud-based digital patient engagement and e-Consent solution built to help contract research organisations (CROs) address four primary challenges in both site-based and decentralised clinical trials (DCTs).

The solution aims to reduce trial cost overruns associated with patient attrition, improve clinical outcomes with enhanced patient protocol adherence, facilitate improved patient and clinician experiences, and simplify consent-related audit and regulatory compliance processes.

CROs executing engagement, education, teaching, testing, consenting, and surveying can now do this in a standardised, centralised, documented and efficient workflow. The result? No more paper and conversations that leave an organisation open to lost, altered or incomplete paperwork, and message inconsistencies.

5th Port is also externally validated and in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, ICH-GCP (electronic records and signatures) and HIPAA (security and encryption).

5thPort is the better way to engage patients, explain your expectations, and enhance your clinical trial compliance.

Digital solution for reduced risk and enhanced engagement for clinical trials

Increased reliance on DCTs creates a need for true digital patient engagement. Better understanding of trial protocols and the associated risks and benefits, as well as meaningful conversations around consent with questions and concerns addressed, can favourably impact trial participant conversion, protocol adherence and retention rates.

5thPort’s digital solution reduces trial risks by helping to ensure patients are engaged early and throughout the consent process. Our cloud-based platform acts as a gateway to global engagement and remote participation. This reduces geographic barriers and financial burden to improve access for people who have historically been underrepresented in clinical research.

Accessible on any mobile device, our solution improves clinical trial retention rates; increases patient comprehension with video-based education, teach-backs and quizzes; and ensures full trackability for US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) informed consent.

Increased trial flexibility and transparency

Using our platform, CROs can regain control of trials and mitigate risks.

Easy to integrate into any trial, 5thPort provides centralised management of files across entire organisations as well as complete audit capabilities, so no documentation is lost, altered or incomplete.

The platform also minimises risks with standardised video messaging across CROs and easy-to-update documentation.

Remote, scalable and interactive clinical trial platform

The 5thPort platform allows users to centrally coordinate all clinical trials from a single integrated clinical trial management console.

It provides secure patient access, multimedia asset options, and the ability to review and analyse enrolment results from all participating sites, as well as generate One Touch Compliance™ audit reports.

The platform’s communication benefits include multilingual and SMS functionality, timely reminders, and invites to sites and/or providers to participate in trials, while the educational benefits cover comprehension testing, teach-backs, and the option to create quizzes, questionnaires and surveys.

Benefits to CROs, trial sponsors and patients

5thPort benefits external and internal customers of CROs, trial sponsors, participants, and clinical research investigators.

The benefits to CROs include proven results, with more than 12,000 patient experiences, remote and digital capabilities to support the ‘new normal’ of DCTs and clinical sites, and an enhanced patient experience that increases trial participant retention.

Trial sponsors benefit from global engagement, which addresses under-served populations and reduces participation barriers, maximised small patent window timing to improve long-term trial outcome potential, and consistent and documented patient education to enhance risk management while reducing patient attrition.

The benefits to clinical research investigators include more efficient clinical workflows, which improve staff burnout management strategies, as well as real-time, accurate and fully traceable information thanks to digitalisation. Digital solutions also allow for message consistency, which increases the efficiency and clarity of the patient journey with fast implementation, universal delivery and flexibility for quick edits. This reinforces the shared decision-making process by creating conversational digital informed consent.

Trial participants also benefit from the improved comprehension provided by the digital education methodologies and easy access that can be achieved from any remote location or clinical site through mobile devices.