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Biomarkers as Diagnostic Tests: Assessment, Product Development and Marketing

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BioScience Business Resources is a specialist consultancy focused on the commercialisation of in vitro diagnostic products and technologies. We carry out assessments of novel biomarkers to determine their commercial potential as diagnostic tests, make recommendations on the feasibility of commercialisation and the most appropriate commercialisation strategy, and identify suitable product development and marketing partners to develop, manufacture and take the product to market.

Assessment of biomarkers’ commercial potential as diagnostic tests

You have a novel biomarker that you use in drug development. To maximise the value of your IP you would like to know the commerical potential of a diagnostic test based on your biomarker technology. We will carry out an assessment of your biomarker technology to determine its commercial potential as a diagnostic test and to estimate its value to you in monetary terms. We include options and recommendations on the best way to commercialise the test, within the context of your own business strategy, resources and capabilities.

Product development and marketing of biomarkers as diagnostic tests

Selecting the right product development and marketing partners can be critical for success, and each partner has different capabilities, and different strengths and weaknesses.

We work with you to define the attributes of the ideal partners for your technology, and we use a proven process to identify and select partners that best meet your criteria from our own proprietary database and extensive industry contacts and networks.

Maximising the value of biomarker technology diagnostic tests

Our knowledge and experience of the international diagnostics industry, combined with our strong relationships with key organisations across the global diagnostic industry supply chain, make us highly effective at identifying and selecting the right partners, reducing time to market and risk, and maximising the value of a diagnostic test based on your biomarker technology.

Commercial agency for diagnostic manufacturing companies

In addition to our technology assessment services we also operate as a commercial agency for diagnostic manufacturing companies based outside Europe, setting up and managing their European distributor network in return for a commission on sales. Our clients’ products include both point of care and laboratory-based products, and both protein and DNA-based technology platforms.

Our knowledge and experience of marketing products in these markets provides us with a good understanding of the critical success factors for diagnostic tests under development, and we use this knowledge and experience to inform our assessments of the commercial potential of diagnostic tests based on your biomarker technology.


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