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Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Product Development, Strategic Consultancy and Project Management

Bio Nano Consulting (BNC) specialises in delivering innovative solutions to industry across the life sciences and technology sectors.


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Bio Nano Consulting (BNC) specialises in delivering innovative solutions to industry across the life sciences and technology sectors.

We are the first consultancy company in Europe to focus on the intersection between biotechnology and nanotechnology, providing product development, strategic consultancy, project management and access to state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Bionanotechnology research, consultancy and product development

BNC brings together teams of leading researchers from our partner institutions and employs a unique business model to deliver commercially driven research, consultancy and problem solving for its clients. BNC provides full service project and client management. This effectively removes the project delivery risk, ensuring that our academic partners deliver to time, budget and quality.

BNC has all the contracts and intellectual property agreements already in place with our partner institutions, which enables us to start projects quickly – a key issue when product development issues need to be solved.

Assay system development, quality control testing and manufacture of microfluidic components

BNC works in numerous sectors, from energy through to electronics, but we have a particular focus on the life sciences sector. Example projects include:

  • Assay system development for product discovery for a major pharmaceutical company
  • Development of a quality control test for a global medical device company
  • Mechanism of action studies for a US biotech
  • Manufacture of microfluidic components for a start-up biotech

Nanotech equipment – scanning transmission electron microscopy and laser micromachining

BNC has access to state-of-the-art nanotech equipment at our partner institutions. From scanning tunnelling electron microscopy to laser micromachining, BNC can access the right tools to solve product development, characterisation and visualisation issues faced by its clients. A full list of the equipment and its applications is available on the BNC website.

Contract research and nanotechnology consultancy services

BNC has access to world-leading researchers at UCL and Imperial College London – two of the top four research universities in Europe – plus the National Physical Laboratory, one of the leading standards laboratories in the world. Each client we have is different, as are the problems they bring to us, and so BNC constructs unique teams of specialists that have the expertise to deliver our projects. This flexible model of working ensures we can deliver the solutions our clients need quickly and effectively.

In addition to problem solving and contract research, BNC also offers consultancy services where specialist knowledge of nanotechnology is needed. From technical due diligence to business development, BNC can support your business growth.

Nanotechnology product development

BNC will arrange a free of charge consultation with one of our experts to discuss your product development issues and what solutions may be available. Contact us to discuss how we can help – in nanotechnology no challenge is too small…


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