From international business contracts to websites or restaurant menus, the need for translation is now commonplace.

No matter the circumstances, having precise translations that take into account local culture will attract more clients and give them confidence in doing business with you. However, how can you be sure that you have reached the right translation company, which would transfer the right message to your target audience?

Here are some tips that could save you time and life before starting collaboration:

  • What is the best way to communicate with you efficiently: email, phone, etc.? How can we reach you when the matter is urgent?
  • What kind of translators do you work with? Do they translate into their mother tongue only?
  • Do they have the relevant qualifications and experience in the industry we are focused on?
  • Do you use proofreaders and/or editors? Do you charge additionally?
  • How do you guarantee translation quality?
  • Do you use other professional consultants if needed such as doctors, researchers, etc?
  • What kind of professional translation software do you use?
  • Do you need any reference materials so this would keep our brand’s tone of voice and consistency?
  • What is your competitive advantage? Why should we use your services and not the services of your competitors?
  • What language pairs do your work with?
  • Can you offer other language pairs if needed?
  • How do you keep confidentiality? How can you guarantee that our company materials will not be disclosed to third parties?
  • Are you able to strictly follow clear instructions by client?
  • What is your quote based on? Source or target text?
  • How can we confirm the order?
  • What is your usual delivery turnaround time?
  • How can we cancel an order if we have already confirmed it?
  • What if there is a delay of the order?
  • How can we make a complaint about translation or proofreading quality?
  • What are your payment terms? What interest do you charge if there is a delay of payment?

Make sure you ask as many questions as possible before you make your final decision on the translation company you will collaborate it. It is always a good thing to speak directly or arrange a phone call or two before deciding on how to proceed.

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