5 Leadership

5.1 Leadership and commitment

The manager of NN TRANSLATIONS EOOD proves his leadership and his commitment:

  • With regard to Quality Management System (QMS), such as:

– is committed to the efficient functioning and improvement of QMS and achieves the expected results by defining processes, identifying and managing risks and providing the necessary resources;

– sets quality policies and objectives, consistent with the strategic direction and the context of the company;

– involves, guides and assists staff to contribute to the effectiveness of the QMS by providing information on effective quality management in accordance with the requirements of the QMS.

  • In terms of customer focus, such as:

– continuously determines and observes the requirements of the clients and the requirements of the applicable normative acts, created by a legislative or competent state body, related to the products and services;

– manages the risks and identifies opportunities for QMS improvement that may have an impact on the conformity of products and services, as well as on the ability to increase customer satisfaction;

– determines the methods for obtaining information and analyzes the information received from customers in order to increase customer satisfaction.

5.2 Quality policy

The management of NN TRANSLATIONS EOOD declares and implements a Quality Policy to achieve the strategic focus and quality objectives, meet the applicable requirements for translations and services and continuously improve the QMS.

The policy is documented in Annex № 2 – Quality Policy to this Manual.

The manager is obliged, the persons and the staff working under the control and management of NN TRANSLATIONS EOOD:

– be familiar with the quality policy;

– be aware of their role in achieving the efficiency of QMS, as well as the benefits of meeting customer requirements and regulations;

– be aware of the consequences of non-compliance with the QMS requirement.

A review of updates and compliance of the Quality Policy within the context of the company, the strategic goals and the quality objectives is performed during the review of the QMS by the Management.


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