First of all we should think of the ways how to prevent and avoid translation errors in our client’s text rather than making mistakes and then trying to fix them at a later stage. NN Translations suggests you a few points one could consider before making the decision where to allocate their project.

  • Don’t use machine translation and rest assured by the translation company they work with professional human translators only

Nowadays, machine translation is getting more and more popular and though it could save money and time in some occasions, it may bring insurmountable errors that could be difficult to fix at a later stage. Very often, machine translation errors might not be spotted at first glance and this would bring big trouble once the text is distributed to the wide audience. Professional human translators are native speakers of the target language and they are linguistically highly qualified holding a Translation or Linguistics degree and/or having substantial experience in the translation area required by the client.

Professional translators would have deep knowledge on the subject in their native language and would have their polished skills and qualifications to perform excellent work with impeccable quality. Idioms and slang are a constant part of every language and only professional translators would deal precisely with their use in the given context. Proofreading the text by the translator himself or by a separate proofreader would bring extra attention to the text and avoid any minor mistakes. Style and tone of text must not be neglected, too as they should be correctly adapted to the target audience and the market.

  • Always ask the client to provide reference materials on the subject

Providing reference materials on the text for translation would facilitate the translation work and minimize the errors as much as possible. Terminology is of paramount importance along with the grammatical and linguistic rules in the language. It is much better to try and avoid translation errors even before starting the project than fixing them at a later stage. When the reference material is precisely written, its content would familiarize the translator with the subject in the right way and this would significantly decrease the number of the translation mistakes.

Always think of the translation as an investment just like the way you think about your business and the goals you want to achieve. Place yourself in the goods hands of NN translations to obtain good results according to the highest translation standards on the market.

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