Caco-2 Permeability Studies: Optimise Your Resources with CacoReady and CacoReady Express

ADVANCELL’s ReadyCell™ product line helps you to optimise your resources, to avoid in-house cell culture maintenance and to obtain reproducible results.

ADVANCELL developed CacoReady™, an innovative cell-based and ready-to-use kit. The kit is available in 24 and 96 insert-integrated permeable supports seeded with differentiated and polarised Caco-2 cells on polycarbonate microporous filters. CacoReady allows in vitro intestinal absorption evaluation of drug targets. CacoReady is flexible since plates can be used up to five days after ideal cell barrier differentiation at day 21. CacoReady is a time and cost-saving option for early-stage drug discovery and development.

CacoReady benefits

  • Provides 21-day cell barrier allowing reduction of in-house maintenance and handling of Caco-2 cell cultures
  • High flexibility as kit is useable up to five days after 21-day cell barrier differentiation
  • High reproducibility
  • Time-saving and cost-effective
  • Adaptable to automated procedures and high throughput screening (HTS)
  • Easy and clean handling
  • Full cell functionality after transportation
  • Shipping medium easy to remove by liquefaction at 37°C

CacoReady features

  • Cell-based
  • Ready-to-use
  • 24 and 96-HTS insert-integrated plate format
  • Exclusive solid shipping medium

New CacoReady Express

Perform your 21-day Caco-2 barrier assay within seven working days – from ordering to your final result – with the same high-quality standard of CacoReady.

ADVANCELL’s cell-based assay kits also include CacoGoblet, PreadyPort™-MDR1 and IsoCyp™-Tox. The kits are distributed throughout Europe and North America.

ReadyCell is ADVANCELL’s patented, certified and unique way to provide you with ready-to-use living cells.

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