ImmuMap Offers ELISpot for T-cell Response Analysis

ImmuMap has announced it is now offering enzyme-linked spot forming assay ELISpot for the analysis of antigen-specific T-cell responses.

In addition to our continuous efforts within advanced multiparametric flow cytometry we are delighted to include in our portfolio also this assay. With multiple years of hands-on ELISpot experience available in both the design and execution phases, we are ready to take care of your study right away. We have kick-started our ELISpot services by participating in the internationally recognised ELISpot proficiency panel 2019, organised by the company Immudex in collaboration with the Europe-based Association for Cancer Immunotherapy Immunoguiding program (CIP) and the North-American-based Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIC).

ELISpot is widely used and although multiple efforts have been done to harmonise protocols and experimental setup, still the large inter-lab variability is a major issue. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to use a trustworthy partner in the field. ImmuMap, associated with chair of the CIP, Professor Dr Sine R Hadrup and the ELISpot pioneer through 20 years Sylvia Janetzki and her consultancy company ZellNet, is such a partner for your study.

We work as an agile extension of your lab, generating high-quality data you can use to take decisions at a rapid pace. Currently, we have established detection of IFN-γ, TNF-α, IL-10 and IL-17 and are also prepared for developing detection of additional cytokines such as e.g. IL-2, granzyme B and IL-4.

We have profound knowledge and understanding of the different stimulation conditions that can be applied for ELISpot, such as minimal epitopes, long peptides, full proteins and antigen-loaded dendritic cells.

With this expansion in our service portfolio, we expect to be involved in studies in which parallel or sequential running of ELISpot and the flow cytometry-based intracellular cytokine staining and / or MHC multimer staining will be advantageous in both discovery, pre-clinical and clinical phases. These assays are complementary and by thus letting one dedicated company taking care of all analyses several important aspects are taken care of, including:

  • All cell vials are handled with the same high level of competence and using the same standard operation procedures
  • A full understanding of all assays involved in the investigation of your precious cell samples optimises the study planning and secures the best possible outcome of all assays, this would be rather difficult to obtain if several laboratories were involved
  • It is easier and less time-consuming for you as a client to communicate with only one contract-research organisation

“We are very happy to enter the ELISpot field with this initiative and look forward to continuously expand our capabilities with this brilliant detection method,” says ImmuMap CEO Thomas M Frøsig.

ImmuMap offers consultancy in everything from initial study planning, execution and data analysis.

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