Major announcement for Researchers and Health Professionals in Europe who wish to commit to the fight against Covid-19: a powerful acceleration of research to gain understanding and facts is required.

Nubilaria ACTide EDC, our web platform ready for:

Agile collection of clinical data (intervention and real-world trials, or epidemiological surveys)

Remote patients monitoring

Ad hoc collaborative process related to the dramatic increase in off label protocols, intensive therapies and transfer of patients to other hospitals

We currently manage clinical trials, registries, DTP (Diagnostic and Therapeutic Protocols for Clinical Governance), ePROs, workflows for drug supply management.  ACTide counts 2000+ Users in Italy and European countries: Doctors, Patients / Caregivers, Hospital Pharmacists, Logistic Operators, CRO / Pharmaceutical Industries.

We would be glad to support your project, fast track guaranteed and special pricing for non-profit organisations.

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