Nubilaria Srl is an Information Technology (IT) company founded in 1999. Our company has its origins in the design, management and distribution of complex database systems and innovative IT services under strict international security policies.

A group of qualified and experienced professionals are the fundamentals of our success. They are the beating heart and the creative spirit of our company. Together we are constantly looking for innovative solutions.

Nubilaria’s Clinical business unit started operating in 2009 and has since been praised by many pharmaceutical industry leaders for the quality of its services. The Clinical Data Management services provided by the company support the entire data lifecycle.

EDC and Clinical Data Management Software

Our eClinical platform is suitable for any type of clinical study, for both human health care and animal health care, within a secure and validated environment.

Sophisticated eCRF solutions don’t have to be complicated!
ACTide Safety Database is a centralized repository that collects SAE records. An accurate and accessible database allows rapid assessment of data for signal detection, aggregate report production and statutory electronic reporting of cases to regulatory authorities. Nubilaria provides all this as an integrated module automatically fed by an ACTide eCRF instances or as a stand-alone solution.
Our software platform is dedicated to the complete management cycle of collection, review and validation of Clinical Data and treatment protocols. An easy and effective set of instruments that allow to rapidly configure the eCRF, while permitting real time correction and prototype-evaluation of the final results.

ACTide EDC bundles-up with ACTide eCRF, our intuitive user interface, and ACTide Designer our eCRF configurator: The all-in-one solution.

ACTide in two different configurations to accommodate client requirements

Self-provisioning: for independent users who need a cutting-edge service to support fast & accurate prototype turn arounds

Full-service: for users who need to rely on our expertise to develop their eClinical solution without limits in complexity or scale

Whatever configuration you choose, we are always available to support you and we go the extra-mile to ensure the success of your study.

Nubilaria ACTide benefits for CROs and Clinical Centres

Some of the features ACTide’s users (CROs and Clinical Centres) appreciate most are the quick and easy eCRF setup, the significant cost reductions, the monthly subscription fees, the non-profit/orphan diseases special pricing, a peace of mind on software compliance, easy auditing, study level validation tools and the native multilingual interface for multi-national trials.

Compliance & Certifications

ACTide eCRF is fully validated and developed in compliance with:

• US FDA – 21 CFR Part 11
• EU GMP Annex 11
• GAMP 5
• GCP – Guideline for Good Clinical Practice
• GDPR Compliant

Nubilaria is certified:

• ISO 9001:2015
• ISO/IEC 27001:2013