ACTide Data Management

ACTide is a complete web-based solution for designing and deploying Clinical Trials in a secure and validated environment

ACTide streamlines processes dealing with clinical data quality via specifically designed sets of features to:

  • Streamline clinical data capture and data cleaning
  • Support many integrated clinical modules (including but not limited to randomization, drug management, adverse events, laboratories)
  • Remove market-access barriers to quality software for medium-small CRO, with affordable licensing fees

ACTide has been developed keeping the final user (i.e. investigator, data manager or CRA) in mind, which results in an intuitive user interface that ensures high productivity performances.

The unique experience acquired over the years has exposed ACTide to studies of all levels of complexity and size both from technical and project management points of view, where the ability to deliver on-time and on-budget had to match unquestioned product quality. The ACTide offer includes:

ACTide Designer

A tool to design from scratch, reuse and deploy an eCRF, including all the main protocol requirements such as:

  • Metadata definitions
  • Entry-points
  • Sophisticated-edit-checks
  • Cleaning procedures

Its top-down approach dramatically reduces the time needed for study test and validation. ACTide Designer supports the reuse of template forms and reduces the adoption learning curve thanks to its user-friendly interface. Furthermore, it is an effective tool for the purpose of training clinical operations junior profiles and sharing commons methodologies, between project teams and departments in a clinical university.


With myACTide you will be able to create layouts and controls without any specific training or involving a developer. In case you need to create a highly customized project the ACTide team can support you in developing very complex structures and highly advanced functionalities.

ACTide Plus

We provide comprehensive consulting services to cater for all the stages in the life of an eCRF thanks to ACTide Plus; you can bring to your side the team of ACTide, a group of people with a broad experience in developing and publishing clinical trials of any complexity and scale, including clinical data managers, QA managers and developers; all qualified professionals with proven experience in clinical trials. Throughout the entire duration of the study, our approach allows a continuous exchange of requirements between customers and developers, thus offering a quick resolution of any doubts or problems that might occur.

Nubilaria Srl is a SME Information Technology Company founded in 2004. Company’s core business is the design, management and distribution of database systems and innovative ICT Services under strict Security policies. Over the years, the company has then specialized in the design, implementation and management of dedicated processes including:

  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Data Mining, Banking/Financial Data Flows
  • Data Manipulation Systems
  • Data-Entry Advanced Interfaces
  • Data Repositories consolidation and normalization
  • Geographically distributed Data Management Systems

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