Bachem is continuously expanding and updating its extensive range of products for your research purposes. We are pleased to present our latest product additions, which include Liraglutide, a GLP-1 analog, the rat alarin sequence, a range of ACTH peptides, and a high sensitivity EIA kit for the detection of the growth hormone releasing hexapeptide GHRP-6.

Today’s release of 14 new products includes:


Long-acting GLP-1 analog developed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

  • (Lys(γ-Glu-palmitoyl)26,Arg34)-GLP-1 (7-37)

Alarin (rat)

Alarin belongs to the galanin family of peptides and exhibits potent vasoconstrictor and anti-edema activity.

  • Alarin (rat)

Pseudoprolines and building blocks for peptide synthesis

  • Fmoc-Gly-Thr(Psi(Me,Me)pro)-OH
  • Fmoc-octyl-D-Gly-OH

ACTH and sequences

  • (Des-Glu5)-ACTH (1-24) (human, bovine, rat)
  • (Des-His6)-ACTH (1-24) (human, bovine, rat)
  • (Des-Ser3)-ACTH (1-24) (human, bovine, rat)
  • Endo-4a-Glu-ACTH (1-24) (human, bovine, rat)
  • Acetyl-ACTH (2-24) (human, bovine, rat)
  • ACTH (2-24) (human, bovine, rat)
  • Acetyl-ACTH (3-24) (human, bovine, rat)
  • Acetyl-ACTH (4-24) (human, bovine, rat)
  • Acetyl-ACTH (7-24) (human, bovine, rat)

Immunology products

  • GHRP-6 – EIA kit, host: rabbit, high sensitivity

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