Technology-based peptide chemistry solutions

Bachem provides technology-based peptide chemistry solutions. The company offers a comprehensive range of services throughout the pharma and biotech industries.

It is a specialists developer of innovative, efficient manufacturing processes, as well as dependable production of peptide-based active pharmaceutical ingredients. Its services portfolio is completed by a complete range of biochemicals and exclusive custom syntheses for research labs.

The group has its headquarters in Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Europe and the US giving it a truly global reach. Customers can be assured of quality and innovation.

Bachem. Pioneering Partner for Peptides

Custom peptide synthesis

In the business segment research chemicals (which accounts for 20% of Bachem’s sales revenue) Bachem offers peptide custom synthesis and products that are marketed through the Bachem catalogs, containing more than 9000 products available from stock.

Bachem’s range of products is focused on peptide building blocks, natural and unnatural speciality amino acids, peptide fragments, an impressive list of neuropeptides, peptide inhibitors, peptide substrates, and complex organic molecules, as well as resins and linkers for peptide synthesis.

Custom peptide manufacturing

Bachem has the required capacity for custom peptide manufacturing of new active ingredients for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry that are either in clinical development or have already been approved for commercial use.

These new chemical entities (NCEs) must be produced and analyzed in accordance with the rules of GMP. Bachem offers its peptide custom manufacturing and the related services from the early preclinical phase onwards. Bachem offers them at such an early stage so that an optimal basis can be created for a reliable partnership with the customer right up to market approval and beyond. This business segment accounts for 50% of Bachem’s sales revenue.

Generic active pharmaceutical ingredients

Bachem supplies peptides and organic active ingredients whose patent protection has lapsed. This business segment accounts for 30% of Bachem’s sales revenue.

Further opportunities for growth with peptide and complex organic active ingredients lie with new innovative forms of delivery, such as sustained release depots. Bachem’s customers can apply for patent protection for these depots, giving them a potential similar to that of new chemical entities.

In this field, Bachem offers:

  • Leuprolide, Goserelin, Gonadorelin, Triptorelin, Histrelin, Fertirelin, Nafarelin, Antide, Buserelin, Deslorelin
  • Calcitonin, Elcatonin, GRF, CRF, Thymopentin, Thymosin
  • Aviptadil, Glucagon, GLP-1 (7-37), Ghrelin, Peptide YY, Peptide YY (3-36), Somatostatin, Octreotide, Sincalide, Secretin
  • Desmopressin, pTH (1-34), Protirelin, Angiotensin, Splenopentin, Endothelin, IGF-1, Dynorphin A, Terlipressin, Tetracosactide, -Melanotropin
  • Carbidopa, Etomidate, Zonisamide, Propofol, Xylazine, Antazoline, Acetylcysteine, Carbocysteine, Pergolide, Trandolapril, Trimetazidine, Xipamide

Finished dosage form

For its peptides, Bachem does not offer the API only, but also the finished dosage form (FDF). Through Bachem’s fully owned subsidiary in Germany, clinical trial materials in vials, ampoules and pre-filled syringes – released by Bachem’s Qualified Person (QP) – are available (Clinalfa® brand).

This service supports our customers’ needs and shortens time-to-market: from research grade chemicals and peptide custom synthesis, to custom synthesis of complex organic molecules, GMP peptide manufacturing of NCEs, and generic peptides and peptides in their finished dosage form.

Custom manufacturing of cytostatic and cytotoxic compounds

Bachem has extended its product offering with custom manufacturing of cytostatic and cytotoxic peptides and complex organic molecules. These substances are used as active ingredients for cancer therapy and have to be manufactured according to the strictest safety requirements for both staff and the environment.

Full regulatory support

Bachem has the experience and the financial resources to meet growing regulatory and GMP demands. We have also submitted dozens of technical packages in support of successful IMPD and IND applications.