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Biogazelle Unveils the Next Generation of Real-Time PCR Data-Analysis Software

Biogazelle presents qbasePLUS 2, a major upgrade of the most powerful, flexible and user-friendly real-time PCR data-analysis software.

qbasePLUS is based on the peer reviewed Ghent University geNorm™ and qBase™ technology, enhanced with proprietary algorithms and many time-saving features. It offers an open and flexible solution that accepts virtually any input format and renders true confidence in a user’s qPCR results.

“qbasePLUS 2 makes it easier and more powerful than ever to analyse qPCR experiments according to highest quality standards,” says Jan Hellemans, CEO at Biogazelle. “qbasePLUS is developed by experts for qPCR users belonging to all experience levels. Biogazelle’s ever-expanding qPCR knowledge is translated into a major software upgrade, shaping the future of qPCR-based research.”

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, qbasePLUS 2 makes use of a completely rewritten calculation engine, making it ideal for high-throughput real-time PCR data-analysis on standard computers.

qbasePLUS 2 makes qPCR data-analysis a breeze, with its many extra features such as sample grouping ability, new core modules (e.g. copy number variant analysis), and alternative normalisation methods (e.g. global mean normalisation). The icing on the cake is that qbasePLUS 2 comes with an integrated statistical analysis wizard which eliminates the need for in-depth knowledge about bio-statistics. “We are convinced that many of our customers will very much appreciate the stat wizard, as statistical analysis still forms a major bottle-neck for many qPCR users.”

A full feature list of the new software is available on the Biogazelle website.

Two licence types are introduced in version 2; premium and basic licences. An everlasting premium licence comes with all available powerful and easy to use analysis features, including 12 months of priority support and software upgrade protection. A basic licence comes with the most important data-analysis features, with some restrictions on high-throughput data processing. This one-year licence fulfils all the needs of an occasional qPCR user and is already available starting from €295 ($395).

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