Fluoresentric Offers Outsource Genotyping or Quantifiication PCR Development

Can you see yourself readily collecting data for your project, instead of tediously developing the test?

Do you need genotyping, qPCR, rtPCR, or even qrtPCR? We’ve done it all – successfully.

Do you have excess laboratory staff with all of the assay development skills necessary to bring your necessary, mission-critical tests online quickly and with the assay performance quality you need?

Fluoresentric has the laboratory facilities and the assay development know-how to bring your project online, on-time and under-budget. Our team of experts have more than 27 years of combined assay development experience ready to apply to your project.

Outsourcing your real-time PCR test design and development makes tremendous business sense in today’s quick-paced technology and research development environment.

Visit our website or give us a call. We look forward to getting your project on-track and done so you can get back to gathering data.

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