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Specialised Proteomic Target and Biomarker R&D Services for Membrane Proteins and Antibodies

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LOGOPHARM provides specialised services in proteomic target and biomarker R&D with a strong focus on membrane proteins and antibodies.

We combine the most advanced technology and instrumentation with long-term experience in membrane protein analysis and molecular physiology to tackle even the most challenging targets. The leading position of our technology is well documented in numerous scientific publications.

Our strategy is distinct in that we work close to physiology using native tissues and cells as source material. We carefully customise each study, rather than use a standard technology platform, to provide comprehensive but stringently controlled results. Thus, rather than providing extensive amounts of data with high error rates as typically obtained from large-scale approaches, we aim to concentrate datasets to physiologically meaningful results.

Customers and partners may also benefit from our large internal database (more than 2,000 fully MS-analysed affinity purifications of membrane proteins and their interactors, covering a major portion of the expected mammalian proteome), our network of distinguished scientific collaborators, and reasonable policies concerning pricing and deal structures.

Identification of protein-protein interactions in native tissues and cells

We offer the CompleXio platform that has been specifically designed for identification of protein-protein interactions in native tissues and cells. It is based on native solubilisation of protein complexes (using our proprietary ComplexioLyte buffers) followed by affinity-purification with multiple antibodies and stringent controls (preferably including target knockouts), identification by high-performance mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and quantitative evaluation of results.

Microproteomics analysis

Our microproteomics analysis provides ultimate proteomic sensitivity (low femtomolar range) and efficiency (down to some 100.000 cells). It has been successfully employed to study membrane proteins, their modifications and binding partners in systems previously not accessible to functional proteomics, such as dorsal root ganglion cells, the cochlear organ of Corti or hippocampal slices collected by laser-capture microdissection.

Unbiased identification of protein partners

About a third of our genome codes for functionally unassigned proteins, and for a major portion of properties, have only been predicted based on homology. Unbiased identification of protein partners by our technology can make it easy to study the function of these proteins in a physiological context and to establish screening assays.

Parallel multi-affinity purification platform

Even with careful design of epitopes and in-vitro selection techniques, it is impossible to predict the binding properties of antibodies to natively folded proteins (both targets and cross-reactive proteins) in-vivo.

With our proprietary parallel multi-affinity purification (PMAP) platform we can profile the relative off-target reactivity, isoform selectivity and target binding efficiency towards native protein preparations of up to 96 antibodies per experiment. This high-content screen delivers valuable information for antibody selection and epitope design.

Mass spectrometry-based protein quantification

Our mass spectrometric quantification methodology allows for sensitive quantification of proteins over a range of at least four orders of magnitude (0.1fmoles-1,000fmoles). This makes it especially useful for identification and quantification of protein (trace) contaminations in protein purifications, in order to improve the production process and exclude critical contaminations.

Membrane protein screening / biochemical research tools

As part of our in-house R&D we have developed a number of innovative tools and reagents that might help your discovery project. For example, we offer top-performing ComplexioLyte solubilisation buffers for membrane proteins and protein complexes (in different applications), a number of highly validated research antibodies and specialised membrane or protein preparations.

We are also happy to develop a customised solution for your project – please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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